Selasa, 15 Februari 2011

Where is the light?

When the night come,
When the lamp turn off,
Where is the light?

Where is the light is?
From the light, only you can see the shadow.
but where is the object?
Shadow come after the light.

I can"t see 
so dark
or your blind your eyes
Shine and be the light of the world.
Your Light maybe can 
Giving some Hope
Giving some Love
Giving some Faith
for some one outside there.

Because your light 
My Eyes can see
Beautiful Soul in you.
My Heart can fell
That is the one.

But where is the light?
Why Night is so long.......
The lonely night come and pass by,
I wish to see the sunshine 
in every morning,
after i wake up,
Your Light will be my Sunshine for all of day.
and make my day!!

Anyway night is still young
is good having the moon and the star 
at the night along
is better than never
Thank you Moon
Thank you Star
because being for my friend.
I hope I can see 
the Sunshine one day.

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