Khamis, 23 Disember 2010

Lumberjack cutting the tree with sharp axe

Lumberjack cutting the tree with sharp axe, 
when the time come, you think about your future, 
when you alone your mind keep thinking about what will happen if tommorrow come. 
But your heart keep asking why? 
I can not hold this anymore. 
One is the begining, 
and two is perfect 
but three is complete. 
Can You hear the lumberjack keep swinging his axe to the tree.
Can your heart know when the wind of love blow. 
Is not easy
when you love somebody 
but is need a time to grow. 

When you love somebody, 
Everyday keep asking why the sky is so blue.
Even though now Christmas season 
When the blue day become red ? and I wonder? 
O Lord, This time is really hurt for me. 
When the snow down to the earth 
and there a men walking alone. 
His eyes see something that is so far away. 

River flows with the song peace and wisdom,
When the time you can’t walk alone anymore
When you realize you no more teenager
but now is the time you need to think about your life
this Christmas make me wonder about life
New Year come and pass by, 
but  2011 is around the corner
when the young native come along to Penang
leave his family alone
is so far away
and his heart miss her mum and
having a great tea break with his Dad

Now his heart taken away
because of roses is so red
And the snow down
and when the night is come
the land is so dark
and the moon the only light I can see
and the star is so bright
and I wonder
why the shadow come after light

I just want you to know
I love the way you are
The there a million girl out side there but
only in you I can see ;
your strong,
your faith;
your beautifull;
your is your;
Creation from Him.

I love the way your are
whether there is hope ?
everyday pass by
I still waiting
Like a newspaper i want everyday to read
and undertand how deep and how long
time is the time
heart is all about heart
your is the reason.

And God I surrender all of my hope, love and faith for You
is hurt but but only this i can do
because I know I can't depend to myself and what i want,
but your know everthing that i want
and let your will be done 
if there a wrong
I will make a U-turn
but before that
I want to risk it.
Risk It, U-Turn.

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